Reimagine Delivery®

Maergo is a carrier that obsesses over network performance

We know that your customers expect a fast and reliable delivery service when they shop on your online store. Everything we do is focused on ensuring your customers have a great post-purchase experience

We are performance-driven

How we perform


Average performance across Maergo’s network (# of business days from customer pick up to consumer’s doorstep).

warehouse worker checking load list and loading up truck

Pick Up

You print our labels (we are integrated with all the leading WMS and multi-carrier shipping platforms) and then we pickup from your existing distribution center 5-7 days a week (depending on your operational needs)


We sort your packages for the optimal direct lane (flight or truck) to the destination market and sub-sort by last mile carrier to ensure the optimal last mile delivery performance.

map with sorting locations, LA, SLC, Dallas, Nashville, Chicago, NJ/Philly
maergo pink boxes in sorting warehouse

Middle Mile

 Maergo injects your packages into our our airline partner network and closely monitors the movement of your packages through the middle mile from original to destination airport

Final Mile

We retrieve your packages from our airline partner’s cargo facilities and inject them into our chosen last mile delivery partners who then complete the final mile delivery.

dad picking up package from front doorstep with child
happy guy opening package

Elevating the post-purchase experience with impactful partnerships

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