Reimagine Delivery®

Unlock 1-3 day nationwide delivery, all from a single distribution center

Maergo enables you to provide affordable, nationwide delivery in 1-3 days without the cost and headaches of operating multiple distribution centers and managing the complexity of distributed inventory

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We’ve got the stats to back you up

We know making the decision to switch carriers or to add to your existing carrier network can be a difficult choice. Let’s help you make the right one!

We’re Faster

We move long zone deliveries in the air, meaning your customers get their orders fast even when they are located far from your Distribution Center.

Delivered in…

2 Business Days or less


3 Business Days or less


Not only are we fast, but we pride ourselves on industry leading delivery success metrics with 99.9% of our pacakges being delivered successfully on the 1st first delivery attempt

Faster delivery estimates drive strong customer conversions and increased sales

We’re Cheaper

shipping example showing Free shipping for 3-4 business days, $6.99 for 2-3 business days, $20 for 2 business days, and $25 for Next Business day.

Incumbent expedited shipping options are expensive.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Maergo’s pricing is competitive with incumbent ground rates, allowing you to meet your customers expectations of faster shipping without increasing your transportation spend

Easy-to-read rate cards, competitive discounts and all-inclusive pricing (no residential, fuel or other surcharges)

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We’re Greener

Faster shipping doesn’t have to come at an Earthly cost

Conventional wisdom is that moving parcels in the air is bad. When using cargo aircraft (as our competitors do), the cargo is 100% responsible for the CO2 emissions, resulting in up to 6x the carbon footprint vs slower ground services

But it doesn’t have to be this way

Maergo packages catch a ride in the belly of existing scheduled passenger flights. This significantly reduces the CO2 emissions vs cargo aircraft, as up to 93% of fuel burn and associated CO2 emissions from a passenger plane are attributable to the weight of the passengers, their luggage, seats, and the cabin.



White Glove Support

An exceptional North America based customer success team to be your strategic partner as your brand grows. We obsess about helping you create and deliver a seemless delivery experience for your customers

Our AI based platform is constantly optimzing our network of trucks, sortation, flights and final mile carriers to ensure every package follows the most efficient and fast route to your customers doorstep and minimizes exceptions

Our dashboards and reporting provide complete transparency to our network and allow you to see how not only how we are performing but allows you to drill into every detail from each origin and across every lane and delivery area.

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Take Control Over Your

Post-Purchase Experience

Our AI driven Estimated Delivery Date technology allows you to communicate actual delivery date promises to your customer right in the eCommerce PDP, Cart and Checkout.

Our native branded tracking and notifications platform, enables you stay in control of your brand and communicate with your customers throughout the post-purchase experience without the need for expensive 3rd party tracking solutions.

Our photo proof of delivery features help you avoid porch piracy, increase successful delivery rates and reduce expensive customer support issues

Don't take our word for it!

“As a fast growing ecommerce brand, it’s important to streamline operational expenses and shipping rates. It’s even more important to understand how one impacts the other. Before shipping with Maergo, we operated multiple warehouses to avoid zone-based shipping rates. By using multiple warehouses, we avoided the highest zone-based shipping rates; however our monthly bill was always a surprise due to unexpected surcharges and fees. We decided to ship with Maergo because they offer a nationwide delivery service as fast as 2-3 days. With Maergo’s support, we scaled back to a single warehouse, and are able to get packages to customers just as quickly while having a predictable shipping spend.”

Andrew Lowe Logistics Manager

My team and I love working with Maergo’s customer team. They’re different from other carriers in that they provide a high-touch, high-value service and are always flexible and ready to collaborate when things don’t go as planned. This is really valuable to us throughout the year and especially during peak, when we see big changes in fulfillment volume and customer demand.

Rodrigo Arias Warehouse Manager
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