Reimagine Delivery®

Level-up your shipping with affordable expedited delivery and simplified carrier diversification

Maergo enables 3PL’s to add an affordable expedited option into their carrier mix, empowering your merchants to better compete and offer prime-like delivery to their customers

Be a superhero for your merchants

As a 3PL your clients expect you to bring innovative new solutions to the table. Offering the usual status quo options of USPS, Fedex and UPS carrier rates doesn’t differentiate you in a crowded market. Adding Maergo to your offering does!

With Maergo, you empower your merchants to build a differentiated post purchase experience, allowing them to slash the SLA for standard delivery from 3-5 or 4-6 business days down to a 2-3 business day service, all on a cost neutral basis versus the existing ground carriers they rely on today.

Maergo is an easy sell for your account managers. We democratize access to 2-3 day shipping and empower even the smallest accounts to compete with Prime.

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Build your own carrier network

Unlike our competitors we like to keep our ego in check. We believe that the merchant should be the face of the delivery to their consumers and own the post purchase brand experience.

When you work with Maergo, our brand is behind the scenes. We let you build your own branded virtual carrier network, leveraging the benefits of our extensive airline and final mile carrier partnerships but letting you own the contract, rates and relationship with your clients.

We give you the tools to view and manage our network so your customer support and account management teams can quickly resolve support issues. We also provide your end merchants with branded tracking and notification tools so they can own the post purchase communications with their own customers.

Make your 2-day shipping promise real

Distributing your clients inventory across the nodes in your DC network allows you to empower your clients to ship to their customers, affordably in two days.

But reliably distributing inventory is hard and for your fashion and apparel clients, the diversity of SKU means that most of them only fulfill from from one of your facilities.

That’s where Maergo comes in. We solve the long zone time in transit problem. For your clients that operate out of a single facility we get 80% of their shipments delivered nationwide in 2 days and the remainder in 3 days, all on a cost neutral basis vs slower (4-6 day) incumbent ground options.

Let us do the long-zone heavy lifting for you

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Let us zone skip for you

Already built a virtual carrier network and have existing contracts with gig, regional and alternative final mile carriers?

Let Maergo accelerate your existing network. Using our middle mile air service, we allow our 3PL partners to zone skip, allowing you to dramatically cut TinT and costs for longer zone deliveries.

Simply print your labels for your preferred final mile carrier, then call our middle mile API to tell us which packages you want to zone skip, we do the rest. We pickup from your facility, sort, fly your packages to the nearest delivery metro airport and inject the packages into your final mile partner’s hub for delivery.

Help your merchants reach their sustainability goals

Maergo packages catch a ride in the belly of existing scheduled passenger flights. This significantly reduces the CO2 emissions vs cargo aircraft, as up to 93% of fuel burn and associated CO2 emissions from a passenger plane are attributable to the weight of the passengers, their luggage, seats, and the cabin.

With Maergo you can open up sustainable expedited, long-zone deliveries for your clients reducing the CO2 footprint for expedited parcels by up to 6x vs the competition

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Ready to expedite and be a hero?

Let us tell you why our customers love working with Maergo

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