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The Environmental Impact of Expedited Shipping

Conventional wisdom is not wrong. Expedited 2-day and overnight air services from UPS and FedEx result in up to 6 times the CO2 emissions compared to slower ground-based services.

This is why many merchants encourage their customers to choose a slower ground option even when faster options are the same price

The Merchant Dilemma

On one hand, merchant’s are seeking solutions to better compete with Amazon and provide their customers with faster 1-2 day delivery times. On the other hand, customer demographics are changing with Gen Z shoppers demanding more transparency and accountability from brands regarding the sustainability of their products.

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Shortening delivery distances isn’t for everyone

For merchants with low SKU counts or high order volumes, distributing inventory to regional fulfillment centers allows them to lower the distance of the final mile of delivery, thereby lowering costs while simultaneously cutting CO2 emissions from the final mile.

However, distributing inventory across the country is not always a viable option, especially for fashion and apparel merchants with tens of thousands of high-turnover SKUs or SMB merchants that don’t have the order volume to cost-effectively distribute inventory.

For these merchants, moving their orders via the air is the only option to accelerate longer zone deliveries from their typical 5-day transit time. The problem with incumbent expedited services is that they utilize dedicated cargo aircraft that are flying solely for the purpose of transporting the cargo they are carrying.

A Green Revolution in Shipping

Maergo provides a unique alternative from the traditional expedited air services from UPS and FedEx. Unlike the incumbents who operated exclusively with their own fleets of cargo aircraft, Maergo has strategic partnerships with all of the major US domestic passenger airlines, you know and love, to move our customers’ packages in the bellies of existing passenger flights.

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Environmental Impact Reduction

By catching a ride on scheduled passenger flights, only 7% of the aircraft fuel burn and associated CO2 emissions are attributable to the weight of our cargo, the rest are attributed to the weight of the passengers, their luggage, seats, and the passenger cabin.

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Standard Ground

  • 53ft Truck
  • 2,850 miles
  • 5 Business Days
Standard ground 3.27 lbs CO2

FedEx Express/UPS Air

  • Widebody Cargo Aircraft
  • 2,565 miles
  • 2 business days
Cargo Plane 13.41 lbs CO2


  • Narrowbody Passenger Aircraft
  • 2,475 miles
  • 2 business days
2.79 lbs CO2
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Pink is the New Green

Maergo’s focus on sustainability extends behind the scenes. We use recycled cardboard containers to transport our packages in the middle mile and we retrieve and re-use these boxes over and over again to reduce packaging waste


from our CEO

Through strategic thinking and innovation, Maergo is influencing an industry to question what is possible. Our solution is built with the belief that when we work together we can provider smarter and more efficient processes to handle the logistics of small parcel delivery.

Mark Lavelle CEO

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