Drive higher conversion with a faster delivery experience

Maergo empowers your fast growth brand to provide a “prime like” expedited 2-3 day delivery at the price of a slower ground service. Our nationwide network is disrupting incumbent carriers and helps your brand increase online conversion, lower WISMO customer support tickets, and improve the click-to-porch experience for your customers.

Maergo does the heavy lifting for ecommerce shipping

Maergo eliminates the need for investment in expensive regional distribution centers and complex multiple carrier relationships. Our pre-built integrations with the leading multi-carrier platforms means you can get up and running quickly with our 1-3 day delivery service through a single contract and API integration.

Our network features includes:

Providing a great shipping experience is just as important as selling a great product

No matter what you are selling or who you are selling to, today’s consumer will judge your brand based on shipping cost, speed, and transparency. Getting delivery right completes the consumer experience driving repeat business and great reviews.

Today’s shoppers have higher shipping expectations

Our research shows that speed & cost are the most important factors for consumers when they’re deciding who to shop with.

What’s most important to your consumers?

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Delivery Speed
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Delivery Cost
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Return Policy
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Promotions / Discounts
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Loyalty / Rewards

Maergo provides the largest high-growth brands with faster, cheaper, and greener shipping. Proven through Peak and throughout the year, our national network expedites delivery, reduces carbon emissions, and provides an alternative delivery network from legacy carriers. We empower the brands you know to offer the shipping options their consumers are looking for.

Give your customers what they want

Reimagine your standard/free shipping from being a slow (3-8 business day) offering to our expedited 2-3 day service at a reasonable price.

Introduce a 2-3 day option at price point consumers are willing to pay.

Get pricing and get started

Our team can walk you through operations, use cases, pricing and more.

Our latest research is here!

The 2023 Maergo Post-Purchase Consumer Experience Study