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Maergo is the ultimate solution for high-growth brands seeking faster, cheaper, and greener shipping. Our proven national air network expedites delivery, reduces carbon emissions, and provides a superior alternative to legacy carriers. We empower the most prestigious brands to offer their consumers a Prime like 1-3 day nationwide delivery service all from a single distribution center.

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Maergo does the heavy lifting for ecommerce shipping

Maergo eliminates the need for investment in multiple, regional distribution centers and complex multi carrier relationships. Our pre-built integrations with the leading multi-carrier platforms means you can get up and running quickly with our 1-3 day delivery service through a single contract and API integration.

Our end-to-end service includes:

Expedited delivery without the CO2 burden

Maergo provides expedited delivery services that prioritize both speed and environmental responsibility. Conventional expedited services from the major carriers utilize dedicated cargo aircraft to quickly move packages across the country, however the carbon footprint of traditional air services is ~6x of slower ground services.


Maergo’s network exclusively uses spare cargo capacity in the belly of scheduled passenger planes. This significantly reduces the CO2 emissions vs cargo aircraft, as up to 93% of fuel burn and associated CO2 emissions from a passenger plane are attributable to the weight of the passengers, their luggage, seats, and the passenger cabin.


By choosing Maergo, you’re making a sustainable choice and reducing your carbon footprint. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment.

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Today's shoppers have higher shipping expectations

Our research shows that speed & cost are the most important factors for consumers when they’re deciding who to shop with.

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Maergo does the heavy lifting for ecommerce shipping

Maergo provides an expedited service at a ground price point, opening up new new options for you to offer faster shipping as part of your brand promise

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