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Faster Shipping

Maergo is a first-of-its-kind parcel
delivery service for direct-to-consumer

Working with some of the largest and fastest growing brands like AllBirds and Saks Fifth Avenue, the Maergo platform continually optimizes parcel delivery from order to final destination, allowing you to make expedited shipping part of your brand promise. With Maergo, you can finally deliver a consistent, extraordinary, post-purchase experience to your customers.

An aerial view of an airplane going over a port harbor filled with many large and colorful shipping containers


More agility by flying your parcels point-to-point on direct routes

1-3 day national delivery across the contiguous US

Industry-leading reliability

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Significantly lower rates than legacy service providers

All-inclusive, no surcharge pricing

Lower shipping rates drives strong customer conversions + increased sales

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A platform that uniquely integrates spare capacity of in-motion carriers

Lower carbon emissions

A delivery guy handing a package to a happy dad holding his excited young daughter in his other arm at the front door while mom stands next to them looking excited


Eliminate the reliance on legacy providers who create delivery complexity

Own your brand experience by controlling the customer shipping experience, pre- and post-purchase

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Your customers expect shipping to be free and fast

Digital marketers often miss one of the biggest causes of online cart abandonment – delivery times. Slow free / standard delivery and a lack of affordable expedited shipping options deters customers from simply adding to the cart and can drive them to Amazon to see if they can get the same products faster.

of consumers have abandoned their cart because they needed their purchase quicker than the provided delivery estimate for free / standard shipping and the cost of expedited shipping was more than they were willing to pay
of consumers have abandoned their cart because they needed their purchase immediately and their retailer did not offer either same-day delivery or in-store pickup options
of consumers cite that slow delivery experiences have caused them to stop shopping on a brand / retailer’s site

Maergo is a proven platform with proven results

After a decade of outfitting our customer for their epic weekends, we’ve realized the community has given us a lot of trust and relies on us to maximize their most memorable moments in life. As such we’re always on the hunt for tools and partners who can help us improve their interactions with our brand.
Rainer Castillo
Co-founder, Chubbies
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As a fast growing ecommerce brand, it’s important to streamline operational expenses and shipping rates. It’s even more important to understand how one impacts the other. Before shipping with Maergo, we operated multiple warehouses to avoid zone-based shipping rates. By using multiple warehouses, we avoided the highest zone-based shipping rates; however our monthly bill was always a surprise due to unexpected surcharges and fees. We decided to ship with Maergo because they offer a nationwide delivery service as fast as 2-3 days. With Maergo’s support, we scaled back to a single warehouse, and are able to get packages to customers just as quickly while having a predictable shipping spend.
Andrew Lowe
Logistics Manager
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