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What we do

Maergo is an end-to-end outbound ecommerce parcel carrier. Our process includes:

  • Picking up your parcels from your distribution center(s) 7 days a week
  • Sorting for the most optimal direct lane to your customer in our regional micro sortation centers
  • Flying your parcels on direct routes, point-to-point across the country, and
  • Placing into our trusted and scalable network of last mile carriers.

How do we do it? Through a single contract & API integration – eliminating the need for you to invest in regional distribution centers or manage multiple carrier relationships.

With Maergo supporting your post-purchase customer experience, you’ll get:

Customer pickup

You pick & pack the order, and print a Maergo label

We arrange daily pick up of outgoing packages from your warehouse & transport them to local sort facilities

First mile


Packages are sorted & prepared for transport


Maergo transports packages to the airport airline freight terminal for loading onto direct flights to their destination

Middle mile

Regional Carriers

Maergo collects packages from the destination airport and hands them off to regional / last mile and gig economy delivery partner who assigns routes & delivers packages

Last mile

With Maergo supporting your post-purchase customer experience, you’ll get:

  • Access to a simple tracking interface that provides end-to-end visibility into your parcel’s journey for your transportation & support teams, as well as your customers
  • At-the-ready integration with all the leading multi-carrier parcel management & tracking platforms so you can get started shipping with Maergo in just a few weeks
  • In-house CX consultants who provide you with industry insights for your digital marketing teams to apply to your pdp, cart and checkout pages that drive point optimization conversion & AOV growth through shipping option and price point optimization strategies
  • A team of onboarding specialists to ensure easy integration with your tracking, WMS and label printing technology, as well as on-site training for your operations and warehouse teams
  • US-based customer support to handle package and delivery issues through to resolution
  • White glove account management to ensure a successful partnership, including weekly calls, quarterly business reviews
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We deliver to every zip code in the contiguous United States in 2-3 days. Our operations team works hand in hand with your team to develop highly accurate, AI driven time-in-transit models that you can rely on to provide definitive estimated delivery dates to your customers based on their delivery zip code.

Take a look at our weekly time-in-transit performance to all US states from your points of origin on our Performance page.

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