Delivery Time

Case Study

Online retailer LLC has always been focused on providing a high-end shipping experience for their luxury goods business. One of their main priorities was to solve the issue of slower, long-distance deliveries. Specifically getting to their West Coast customers from their Pennsylvania fulfillment centers. While their East Coast customers were typically receiving their orders in 3 days, customers on the West Coast and Texas were often waiting 4-6 days for their orders. They knew they needed an alternative to provide faster and less expensive shipping to customers across the country.

So in November 2021, Saks launched with Maergo, enabling them to drastically shorten the time-in-transit for their west coast customers. The results? Time-in-transit was cut in half, from 5 days to 2-3 days. As Maergo’s service consistently hit 2-3 days for California deliveries, Saks expanded their use of the service in early 2022 to include additional West Coast states, like Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Washington. This was quickly followed by expansion into their second fulfillment center in September 2022.


Maergo has been an amazing partner unlocking fast shipping speeds at an affordable price. This is critical to our mission so that we can offer free shipping to our customers that takes 2-3 days as opposed to 5. I would highly recommend Maergo for anyone that’s looking for fast & affordable shipping solutions but does not have a large US warehouse footprint to hit all US zip codes with overnight ground service.

Bill Seward

Director Transportation & Logistics

Maergo is a first-of-its-kind parcel delivery platform purpose-built for the branded direct-to-consumer ecommerce delivery using modern technology and advanced data capabilities. The result is a national service that is disrupting the incumbent carriers and empowering retail brands to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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