Reliable nationwide
expedited shipping

Deliver nationwide, with 1-3 days average delivery time

Our Nationwide Delivery Network

Nationwide service to every zip code in the contiguous 48 states

Unlike regional carriers that only support delivery to certain states and zip codes, we deliver to the entire population of the contiguous United States as well as Canada and Western Europe

AI-driven Estimated Delivery Dates for every shipment

We enable you to provide definitive Estimated Delivery Dates on your PDP, cart and checkout pages to drive down consumer purchase anxiety

1.9 Days* average Time in Transit network performance

Our service is as fast as our competitors 2-day air services at a cost basis closer to 3-5 ground offerings day

95%+ average on-time delivery performance

Our diversified network of final mile carrier partners ensures scalable and resilient performance all year round

7 day a week pickup and middle mile operations

We keep your packages moving with 7 days a week pickups, sortation, and middle mile transportation in the air

See how our network performs from your warehouse origin to your customers’ doorstep

Central Florida

Florida average delivery 2 days

Charlotte, NC

North Carolina average shipping 2.5 days

Columbus, OH

From Ohio average shipping 2.3 days

Los Angeles, CA

From LA average shipping 2 days

Nashville, TN

From Nashville average shipping 2.5 days

Jersey City, NJ

From New Jersey average shipping 2 days

Dallas, TX

From Dallas average shipping 2 days

Salt Lake City, UT

From Utah average shipping 2.5 days

[*Time-in-transit is defined as time (in business days) from
the first label scan at our local sort facility to residential delivery]

For average Time-in-Transit from other origin pickup locations,
please contact our sales team

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