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Drive higher conversion with a faster delivery experience

Maergo is a first-of-its-kind parcel delivery platform, purpose-built for branded direct-to-consumer delivery using modern technology and advanced data capabilities. The result is a national service disrupting incumbent carriers and empowering the largest and fastest-growing brands to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Maergo does the heavy lifting

Maergo eliminates the need for investment in expensive regional distribution centers and complex multiple carrier relationships.

Our pre-built integrations with the leading multi-carrier platforms means you can get up and running quickly with our 1-3 day delivery service through a single contract and API integration.

Our network features includes:

  • Pick-ups from your distribution center(s) seven days a week
  • Flexible sortation designed for optimal direct lane to your customers
  • Eco-friendly and time-efficient use of scheduled passenger flight cargo capacity from major airlines including Delta, United and Southwest
  • Diverse use of trusted and scalable last mile partners creating multiple paths to the consumers doorstep.
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Shipping isn’t just a cost center

No matter what you are selling or who you are selling to, today’s consumer will judge your brand based on shipping cost, speed, and transparency. No longer just a cost center, getting the shipping experience right means higher sales and increased customer satisfaction.

Today’s shoppers have higher shipping expectations

Our research shows that speed & cost are the most important factors for consumers when they’re deciding who to shop with. What’s most important to them?

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42% Delivery Speed

42% Delivery Cost

41% Product Cost

24% Return Policy

18% Promotions / Discounts

11% Loyalty / Rewards

Maergo is a national carrier that provides the largest high-growth brands with faster, cheaper, and greener shipping. Our national network expedites delivery, reduces carbon emissions, and empowers brands to control and improve their customers’ post-purchase experience.

Reimagine your standard/free shipping from being a slow (3-8 business day) offering to our expedited 2-3 day service at a reasonable price.

a selected radio button labeled "2-3 business day shipping- Free on order $75+
A full array of 4 shipping options. 1: 3-4 business day shipping (free on orders $50)
2 (selected): 2-3 business day shipping - Free on order $75+ (standard price $6.99). 3: two-business day shipping ($20). 4: next business day shipping ($25)

Introduce a 2-3 day option at price point consumers are willing to pay.

Truly sustainable shipping for DTC ecommerce

  • While other carriers are tied down by antiquated systems and fleets with enormous fuel requirements, Maergo uses spare capacity in commercial passenger aircraft and leverages gig economy final mile partners to reduce carbon emissions
  • While other national shipping carriers are routing their packages across multiple flights and sortation centers across the country, our point-to-point logistics model moves packages directly from your distribution center to your customers doorstep.
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