Expedited Shipping Is Meant To Be Faster Than Ground

fast moving packages

Consider the following scenario: You are on the verge of completing an online purchase, and as you enter the checkout page, you are presented with various shipping options. You notice a two-day shipping option that comes at an additional $10 cost, but…

The Autonomous Last Mile – After The Drone Debacle, What Lies Ahead ?

Since UPS ratified their contract with the Teamsters union, social media has been awash with memes about UPS drivers making $170k a year. I won’t get into the breakdown of salary vs benefits, but needless to say that with the average UPS driver set to earn up to $170k a year by 2028, the already […]

Making the unboxing moment even more memorable

Apple is known as a sleek, minimalist brand that is simple and yet always recognizable. This aesthetic is present in everything they do, including product packaging. It’s the simplicity that drives a sense of incredible anticipation and excitement when a new box has arrived. Opening an Apple product is often like opening a present, with […]

Shipping Promise Badges: Don’t Believe the Hype

Checkout options continue to proliferate ecommerce: At last count, at least a dozen fintech / payment firms are competing for real estate on the merchants checkout page, each vying to persuade CX and marketing leaders that their respective “checkout / pay with us” buttons will drive an increase in conversion rate. Offering payment options is […]

When will outbound parcel delivery become fully autonomous ?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself after spending last week at Manifest: The Future of Logistics. For those that didn’t attend, Manifest is CES for the logistics world and is a showcase of the latest and greatest innovations in warehouse autonomy, AI, robotics and EV’s. My prediction is that within 10 years we […]

How to increase successful 1st delivery attempts and reduce porch piracy losses

Combating porch piracy is no easy feat. It’s a classic game of cat and mouse that requires a collaborative effort between retailers, carriers and consumers to stay one step ahead of the pirates’ tactics and more importantly, reduce the opportunity for theft in the first place. Porch Piracy has become one of the biggest issues […]

Seeing Double:
Record Fuel Prices & Fuel Surcharge Rate Hikes Dominate 2022

As if record fuel prices were not already a headache for shippers, to make matters worse, both FedEx and UPS seemed to take advantage of the moment and back in April,  applied significant rate increases to their respective fuel surcharge rate tables. On the 4th April, Fedex increased all of their fuel surcharge tiers by […]

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