Disrupting the Small Parcel Delivery Market with Mark Lavelle

In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Mark Lavelle discusses the changing landscape of e-commerce logistics and the opportunities for disruption in the market. He emphasizes the importance of meeting customer expectations for fast and transparent delivery, and how companies can optimize their shipping processes to achieve this. Mark also highlights the potential impact of […]

Delivering A Seamless Experience to Consumers Includes Delivery Too

I was doing some research the other day and came across Deloitte’s 2023 Retail Industry Outlook* report. I couldn’t tell when it was actually produced but I started to think about how quickly outlooks and insights are changing for us in logistics and ecommerce. It used to be that you could download a predictions report […]

Revolutionizing retail loyalty programs through priority processing

Everyone loves to feel special. Take flying as an example. When you have priority boarding status, your time waiting in line is shorter, and you’re no longer anxious about getting a good seat (on budget airlines). You don’t have to worry about baggage space and you get on board before the crowds so you can […]

Rethinking operational cutoffs to ensure expedited shipments

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are increasingly reliant on the rapid delivery of goods to meet customer demand. Expedited shipments, which promise fast delivery times, have become a critical component of supply chain management for many companies. To meet these expectations, warehouses need to ensure that expedited shipments depart on time. This requires careful planning […]

Maergo and ProShip: Even Better Together

As two of the fastest growing leaders in logistics & shipping, Maergo and ProShip are excited to announce their partnership and integration that enables ProShip customers to instantly and easily ship faster and at a lower cost using the Maergo service. Our partnership is a natural fit – ProShip tackles the parcel challenges that enterprise-level […]

7 Ways Ecommerce Retailers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

There is a distinctive shift happening in consumer trends; consumers are willing to pay extra for environmentally-friendly products and support brands that have green ecommerce shipping initiatives. This shift means that if you want to be part of what’s trending, your brand needs eco-focused solutions.  If you’re ready to start reducing your carbon footprint and […]

The Maergo Rebrand: Faster. Cheaper. Greener. Better.

by Rachel Martin, Head of Marketing Lots of companies rebrand and they’ve all got stories to tell on the why and the how and the when for making the change. Companies, small and large, rebrand when they’re at a crossroads. When they’re no longer what they were and they’re confident in where they’re going. That’s […]

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